May Themes:
We begin the month of May by noticing the color yellow, working on numbers and letters, and reviewing all the shapes we've learned this year. In addition we review letters and their sounds. Letters this month include F, W, and O.

Our themes this month include "On the Farm," "Wranglers in the West," "Oceans" and a review.  Our final day of preschool for the school year is Tuesday, May 25th.  We begin the month learning about Farm and Ranch life. We will have lots of practice making and identifying animal sounds, and learn why certain animals live on the farm.  The following week our students will learn about “Wranglers in the West,” including all the fun of playing cowboys and cowgirls. We end our week with a "pretend" campfire, (which of course includes roasting "pretend" hot dogs and marshmallows) and riding a "straw bale" horse using a real saddle. Our last full week in May brings a study of the ocean and ocean life (especially the sharks!).  Our last week includes a review of many things we’ve learned at school, as well as cleaning up and putting things away.   The last day of our school year is spent with a very fun day of water activities in the backyard. We will have 2 "kiddy" pools filled with water for kids to play in. Be sure to send your child in their swimming suit that day (under their clothes), and also include a towel. We have sun screen and everything else we need to end our year with a lot of smiles and laughter.

As always all activities are developmentally appropriate for our students and include sensory exploration in a variety of mediums, fine and gross motor activities, color and number recognition, rote counting, pre-literacy and other pre-academic skills. In addition, individualized education goals and objectives for each student are embedded within the curriculum. All of our preschooler's needs are designed and contained in a fun filled environment we call preschool. We look forward to the wonderful month of May. Think Yellow!

Everyone here at the Sundwall preschool campus wishes our pre-Kindergarten students success and fun in Kindergarten, and we look forward to seeing our younger students return.  Teaching staff returns on August 10th.  Our “child find” day of testing will be on August 15th.  If you have a child age 3-5 with concerns about their development, please call Annie at 259-5628 in early August to schedule an appointment for an evaluation.  I will call parents of returning students in mid-August, and we will get ready to begin school on August 29th.  Have a great summer vacation!