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About HMK Elementary

When we combined HMK Intermediate School and Red Rock Elementary Schools, we kept the traditional name of HMK in honor of our first woman superintendent "Helen M. Knight" thus becoming "HMK Elementary School". HMK and Red Rock had RED and WHITE as school district, but....

Both Schools had Different Mascots!

Both schools had very unique mascots, but now that we are a New School, we can have a new mascot to represent us! Years from now, these students can tell their children and grandchildren that they helped choose the Mascot for HMK Elementary School!

All of the Students brainstormed, discussed, selected and voted for a mascot that they felt would represent our school. All the students voted on the Mascot ideas presented and the Winner is the Gryffin!

What is a Gryffin?

A Gryffin is a combination of a Noble Lion and a regal Eagle. As the lion was traditionally considered the king of the beasets and the eagle was the king of the birds, the Gryffin was thought to be an espically powerful and majestic creature. Gryffins are normally known for guarding treasure and well valued priceless possession. In heraldry, the Gryffin's amalgamation of lion and eagle represents courage and valor.

standing gryffin