To apply for a position, please send an application form (available below),grand logo
and submit your application to You may contact
the Grand County School District Offices 264 S 400E Moab, UT 83452,
or call 435-259-5317 if you have questions.

Click HERE 
for current job descriptions.


* Administrator / Principal
Certified Personnel (Send Email for Link)
* Support Personnel and/or Subs (Send Email for Link)
* Transportation Personnel
* Transportation Director
* Grant Writer 
or Specialist


Salary Schedules:

* Administrator / Principal
* Licensed Teacher 
* Subs
* Classified Salary Schedule

* Director Salary Schedule 

If you are interested in putting an application on file, you may do so at any time.
Applicant files are kept for one year and will be reviewed for appropriate position(s) as they become available.


Grand County School District does not discriminate in the provision of services due to gender,
race, color or national origin, and works in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.