Alternative Credit Opportunities

Alternative Credit Opportunities

Sometimes students want or need another way to obtain credit for certain courses.
It can be to make up failed classes, to make it easier to schedule your classes
next year or to take classes to prepare for early graduation. These are just some
sites I found searching in Google for free online high school. It will be up to the
students and their parents to decide if one of these sites is appropriate for their needs.

Free Online Programs

Utah's Electronic High School 

Utah Virtual Academy 

Madison Falls High School


Tuition Based Programs

Excel High School

The American Academy

The Ketstone School

National High School

BYU Continuing Education

The Ogburn School

Penn Foster High School

Allied National High School

Internet Resources

The Utah Higher Education Assistance Authority has a great site with information on finacial aid, SAT and ACT practice tests, college applications for Utah Schools, college tours and much more.


Scholarship Search scholarships) 

Information_on_College_and_Universities (click on Education)  

Help for Homework

Western Undergraduate Exchange

Career Information

Financial Aid


ACT/SAT Test Prep 


Campus Tours 


Saving for College

Test Infromation



This test is for 10th grade students who are looking for experience in taking exam.

This test is for 11th grade students who are applying for the National Merit scholarship.


TEST DATE: October 19, 2016



PLACE: Grand County High School

Time: 7:45AM




October 22, 2016

December 10, 2016 is the last ACT for this year

Deadline: November 4, 2016

Late Registration: November 5-18, 2016



October 19, 2016



Location: Grand Junction Colorado

DATE:  November 5, 2016


Board Work Sessions, Site Visits & Regular Board Meetings


2016 & 2017

Work Sessions are on the 2nd Tuesday of each month as noted.


Site Visits are scheduled on the 3rd Tuesday of each month.

                               School Administrators will schedule class visits for board members.

                               District Director Site visits will be held at the Director’s office.


Board Meetings are scheduled on the 3rd Wednesday of each month.

                               Administrator/Director Reports will be scheduled on the same month as site visits.



(for up-to-date changes please check: )


Regular Board Meetings:

Date                                                    Time                                        Admin/Director Assignment



January 5, 2016                                   5:30pm                                                None

January 20, 2016                                 6:00pm                                                Pre-School/SPED

February 17, 2016                               6:00pm                                                Adult Ed

March, 16 2016                                   6:00pm                                                Transportation           

April 20, 2016                                      6:00pm                                                Nutrition/GCMS

May 18, 2016                                      6:00pm                                                Technology

June 21, 2016                                      6:00pm                                                None

July 20, 2016                                       6:00pm                                                None

August 17, 2016                                  6:00pm                                                None

September 21, 2016                           6:00pm                                                GCMS

October 19, 2016                                6:00pm                                                HMK

November 16, 2016                            6:00pm                                                GCHS

December 14, 2016                            6:00pm                                                Pre-School/SPED



January 18, 2017                                 6:00pm                                                BEACON/Mentor

February 15, 2017                               6:00pm                                                Transportation

March 15, 2017                                   6:00pm                                                Adult Ed

April 19, 2017                                      6:00pm                                                Technology

May 17, 2017                                      6:00pm                                                Nutrition

June 21, 2017                                      6:00pm                                                None

July 19, 2017                                       6:00pm                                                None

August 16, 2017                                  6:0pm                                                  None

September 20, 2017                           6:00pm                                                HMK

October 18, 2017                                6:00pm                                                GCHS

November 15, 2017                            6:00pm                                                Pre-School/SPED

December 13, 2017                            6:00pm                                                GCMS



Board Site Visits:

Date                                                    Time                                        Admin/Director Assignment


January 19, 2016                                 2:00pm                                                Pre-School/SPED

February 16, 2016                               1:30pm                                                Adult Ed/USU

March 15, 2016                                   1:00pm                                                Transportation/Bus Shed

April 19, 2016                                      11:20am                                              Nutrition/GCMS         

May 17, 2016                                      1:30pm                                                Technology/TSAC

June: None

July: None

August: None

September 20 2016                            10:45pm                                              GCMS

October 18, 2016                                1:30pm                                                HMK

November 15, 2016                            1:30pm                                                GCHS

December 13, 2016                            2:00pm                                                Pre-School/SPED



January 17, 2017                                 3:00pm                                                BEACON/Mentor

February 14, 2017                               1:00pm                                                Transportation

March 14, 2017                                   1:30pm                                                Adult Ed

April 18, 2017                                      1:30pm                                                Technology

May 17, 2017                                      11:40pm                                              Nutrition/GCHS

June: None

July: None

August: None

September 19, 2017                           1:30pm                                                HMK

October 17, 2017                                1:30pm                                                GCHS

November 14, 2017                            2:00pm                                                Pre-School/SPED

December 12, 2017                            10:45pm                                              GCMS