August 8, 2019 
To: Seniors and their Parents/Guardians 
Fr: Dr. Stephen Hren, Principal GCHS 
Re: Post High School Readiness 

As Principal of GCHS, I want to personally welcome you and your parents to your senior year! Your four years of high school are almost completed. I want to let you know that near the beginning of the school year, we will have a special night for seniors and their parents dedicated to helping you navigate the post high school process, whether that be the college application process, scholarship acquisition, technology school attendance, job searching, or joining the military. The counseling department will be facilitating this evening. Please stay tuned for the specific date and times. In addition, Shanda Thompson, USU Moab student advisor will be helping in our counseling center this year. If your needs for post high school are not being met, please let me know so I can help make your senior year the best year of your high school experience. You can e-mail me at: or call me at 719-4890.

Thank you. 

Este es el Dr. Stephen Hren, director de GCHS. jQuiero darte la bienvenida personalmente a ti ya tus padres en tu ultimo afio! Sus cuatro afios de escuela secundaria estan casi terminados. Quiero hacerle saber que cerca del comienzo del afio escolar, tendremos una noche especial para personas mayores y sus padres dedicada a ayudarlo a navegar el proceso posterior a la escuela secundaria, ya sea el proceso de solicitud de la universidad, la adquisici6n de becas, la escuela de tecnologia asistencia, busqueda de trabajo o unirse al ejercito. El departamento de asesoramiento estara facilitando esta noche. Esten atentos a la fecha y hora especificas. Ademas, Shanda Thompson, asesora estudiantil de USU Moab estara ayudando en nuestro centro de asesoramiento este afio. Si no se satisfacen sus necesidades para la escuela secundaria, aviseme para que pueda ayudarlo a hacer de su ultimo afio el mejor afio de su experiencia en la escuela secundaria. Puede enviarme un correo electr6nico a: o llamarme al 719-4890.





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        Letter to Parents-Guardians about the increased prevalence of Vaping and Marijuana use


Letter to Parents-Guardians about the increased prevalence of vaping and marijuana use



                   Parent feedback for the potential to implement a later start time at the high school


Parent Survey



In response to the council, the school shall:

  1. Implement the plans that are developed by the council and approved by the Grand Board of Education.
  2. Provide ongoing support for the council’s plans.
  3. Meet the Grand Board of Education’s reporting requirement regarding performance and accountability.
  4. Publicize to its patrons and the general public its plan to enhance or improve academic excellence at the school and the results of those efforts. The plan for 2018-2019 can be accessed on the GCHS website:  )
  5. Prepare and present an annual report to the Grand Board of Education by the end of each school year.

If you would like to be considered for membership on this year’s council at GCHS or would like to find out more information regarding the council and its endeavors to date, our first organizational meeting and election, if applicable, of new members for this school year will be September 10th at 4:30 pm in classroom #100 to one’s immediate left when entering the Technical Science and Arts Center east of the main building. You must have a student in the high school to be eligible. If you would like more information, contact Dr.Stephen Hren at 719-4890 or 260-6020.



Dr.Stephen Hren

Principal, GCHS

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